Does that “Little voice inside your head” ever have to pay for any of the disasters it talks you into?

Lets start with an easy one, TV. Television used to be free,
just get an antenna, put it on your roof and walla, free TV. Then came “Pay

“Why would I want to pay for something that is on public
airwaves and is FREE?”

Because by paying for TV, you won’t have to watch those pesky  commercials Your new favorite shows will run straight through without
interruption and of course you will have a lot more channels to choose from like
that Bocce Ball playoff in Bulgaria or “Teaching chess in China” you missed last year. You get the  point.

Yea!! no more commercials, sign me up. WOW all this for only
20 bucks a month and NO MORE COMMERICALS.

There must have been a little “fine print” involved in that
deal somewhere because all I see these days are more commercials then ever
before and the price of my TV is now a major part of my
monthly budget????

BTB, did I mention that tv is still broadcast over Public
Airwaves owned by you and me?????

Have a nice day, in fact, have two

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