The reason life sucks is to keep you from falling off the planet

If you allow gambling into New jersey, there will be
no more taxes: How “they” sold gambling in the first place.
Atlantic City, at one time the crown of the “Jersey shore”
before the casino’s. The place where wealthy Europeans came to “Summer” as an alternative to the South of France. A place where people of all ages had a good time, enjoying all types of concerts (including the Beatles) go swimming, enjoy eating, spend the day boardwalking and of course watching the horse dive off the
Steel Pier into the ocean every day.
A place where parents felt safe letting their kids run amuck
for the day.
As the casinos came in, the visitors and residents left,
turnig the city into a wasteland of abandoned houses left to rot year after
year as the weather and seasons took their toll.. I’m told that the fire
department took entire blocks of homes and set them on fire as a training ground for recruits. I’m not sure this is true although it does sound like a Jersey thing. Get rid of the mess and learn something at the same time a good use of time and space.
Why the decline? GREED and lack of vision or even class for
that matter nothing else.
“Come to Atlantic City:” gamble, lose money and leave as
quickly as possible, good times not welcome.
Unlike Vegas, Atlantic City has other things to do besides
gambling and shopping. It was one of the most fun places to spend your days and nights. The boardwalk was alive with barkers of all sort, games of chance, food to die for (sausage and peppers,including the cholesterol along with the Best Philly Cheese Steak sandwich in the world), music of all types coming from little bars and clubs. Entertainment from sunup to 4AM. They shut down for two-four hours to clean up and get ready to repeat. 
When I was 19 I bought a set of Ginsu knives from a barker,
not because I wanted or needed them but because of the amazing show this guy put on.  I wanted to thank him for the prior fifteen minutes of cutting nails and then tomatoes and how he taught me how to make a rose out of a radish with the special plastic carving tool that came free with the amazing Ginsu knives. (they are really as sharp as he said). In fact I used that amazing rose making thing in a classroom presentation for my public speaking class. I tried to emulate what I had learned on the Boardwalk while standing in front of the class making a Rose from a radish. It worked, I passed the class.
Call someone in Jersey and ask how that Tax thing worked out.
Then ask them about Giant Stadium (where Hoffa is buried) and the Race track (again no more taxes)
Have a great day, in fact have two.

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