The Dali Lamo said this and said that, what else does the Dali do for a living???

Mistaken time. December 27th. time of the short days.

My clock stopped sometime yesterday. That along with some noon-time Socki and the early on-slaut of darkness, I wound up going to bed somewhere around 7PM.  Around 1AM I was awakened by the need to wake up and get out of bed. Of course I made some coffee and turned on the news to see what type of clothing I would wear, only to discover that instead of being 6AM (as I believed it was) it was only 1 o’clock and my TV choices were to watch men being beaten in prison, men fighting with alligators or men running from trees they had just cut down.  Apparently men do strange things in the middle of the night.

The cats weren’t much help as they were pissed at my intrusion into their sleep time. As I waited for the sun to arrive I started answering some of my backed up e-mails. Because of my disoriented and cranky state, I’m sure to hear back from several of them with attitude.  Hark, I hear the heater coming on, it must be getting closer to real time (because of the energy saving settings), alas it’s only because it’s only 60 degrees and the heater doesn’t want the pipes to freeze. Another encouraging sign turned out to be false.

I heard the tweets of an early morning bird only to discover it was the squeals of a squirrel my cat had caught (even the cats are cranky) then the sounds of a raccoon fighting with the cat to get the squirrel, now the neighbors are about to hear the sounds of me and my samurai sword killing a raccoon and returning the squirrel to the rightful predator, the cat, gatta keep the killing order of the jungle in tact.

I have to unplug my Iphone now cause kitty (the newest one) wants to chew on the cord. Now she wants to help me type, go away and kill something. Where the hell is the damn sun?

Those without dreams can never have dreams come true.


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