Be happy, Be Gay

A message from God to all Gay haters, especially Evangelicals :
My children come in all sizes, shapes, colors and yes with different sexual appetites. I did this “with purpose” (something I don’t have to explain to you) only to find out that some of you (you know who you are) find my creations offensive.
Until you can produce better, consider this; when you come banging on the Pearly Gates (made from the finest Oyster and abalone shells ) the first question on the Heaven entrance questionnaire will be “have you ever discriminated or worked against the interests of any of My creations?”. Failure to answer this correctly will earn you a trip to Hell, passing through heaven to see what you will be missing (Jesus suggested this one, clever Lad). Something to think about, BTW have a nice life.
BTW, Allah wanted me to thank all you suicide bombers. He takes all of your bits and pieces and sprays them with glitter, to be used to reflect the light in the Disco’s that the Virgins go to party and dance.

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