99% continued, high Paying Job

Go to college, earn a degree and get a high paying job.
Why are college’s costs so high??
Because college’s know that almost anyone can get a student loan so why haggle about the price of classes.
Why are student loans so available?? Because the investors (that’s right investors) get a guaranteed return on their money, you can’t bankrupt a student loan. Why not????
Now how much do you owe and how long will it take you to pay it back and how desperate are you to get a job at any salary to do this???? So much for that “well paying job”.
Before the student loans, the government gave “Grants” to students that qualified or did public or military service for the country. Students graduated with degrees and a head start on life. This goes for trade schools as well which allowed men/women the change to meet and reach their potenial, what happened?? Today there are Thousands of high paying unfilled jobs for lack of qualified skilled craftsmen with many more to follow.  
Read, learn, ask lots of questions (demand real answers) think and then act.

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