Choosing a Career

Vatican To Host Global Summit On Sexual Abuse

Lets see now, if I were gay and wanted a life without ridicule where would I go (in the good old days). Why of course, I’d become a monk, a place full of like minded men, where no outsiders enter to pass judgement on our lifestyle. In fact they (the outside world) give Monks money to live and not bother them. now the Monks are free to make wine, Yumm, they drink it for religious purposes and then sell the rest for profit, and continue to do God’s work.
Lets see now, if i were a pedophile and wanted an endless supply of young boys to molest without detection, where would I go????? Why of course!!!!! I’d become a Catholic Priest, no work, endless supplies of holy wine (some make by Monks) and a stream of young “Alter Boys”. Thank God, I mean it, Thank you God, no more lurking around grade schools, no more visits to the WMCA at swim time, no more of those lousy kids movies. Just get up, put on a robe, have a couple of glasses of wine, light incense (to cover up the smell of the wine) and call in the troops for “alter practice”, Oh boys, be sure to were your toga’s.

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