99% Woman’s Rights/Wrongs

Contraceptives for women are under attack because the Catholic (send me your boys) Church thinks that God would disapprove.

Abortion is under attack because Evangelicals (lets follow the leader) and the Catholic (send me your young boys) Church want to keep their selective flocks in line by having a “cause” to fight for even though neither of them offers to take in and raise all those unwanted children.

I have a solution that solves both of these dilemmas. If a man wants to have sex with a woman, SHE has the right and legal authority to have the man’s balls snipped whether he wants to or not. Something that can be reversed for mutually agreed upon future reproduction. After all, men seem to get to say if a woman can or cannot have an abortion, why can’t women have the right to cut off the supply of semen that was the culprit in the first place.

Come on now. What’s fair is fair.

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