99% Stuff: Advertising

Whenever you see a company doing mass advertising trying to convince you of how good they are without actually selling you a product, something’s wrong.
GE. They are in a massive campaign, showing US just how much they do to produce great airplane jet engines along with all of those proud happy American workers. Yeah for GE is the goal. The problem is that most of what GE sells to American consumers is made in other countries. 2/3’s of GE employees are in other countries.  One person works here Two people work there, and yet most of GE’s products are sold in the US. Hummmmmm
Oil Fracking. They advertise that Fracking will create a million good paying jobs and save the US for the next hunderd years yet if they frack to it’s full potential most of the water we drink or use on our crops will be contaminated and we’ll all die early. Simple truth. Hummmmmmm
Apple became wealthy because of the US market and the protections our patten laws provide.  Steve Jobs choose to make his phones and I-Pads in Malaysia and China because it was easier to set up a factory in those countries (less regulations). No workman’s compensation or insurance of any kind, no minimum wage, no work hours rules etc. and still most of Apple’s sales are in America.
BTW, lets see how the I-Pad does in the China courts over the current copywrite dispute. Good luck beating a Chinese company in China.
Matell went as far as apologizing to the Chinese government after they (Matell) complained about the lead paint the Chinese were using on Barbie, poor baby. Hummmmm
I say sell your products to the people in the country they are made.

One comment on “99% Stuff: Advertising

  1. Joel says:

    I just wish SOMETHING was still made in America, it’s so hard to find anything to be proud of in a store or anywhere you spend your money…. Hell, even the illegal drugs aren’t made in this country.

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