99% US American Facts

Hi there and welcome to the “Facts Show” where little things like facts matter.
Question: Why wasn’t Canada attacked by Al Qaeda?
Answer: The Canadians don’t have their noses in everyone’s business and never try to impose their will or believes on anyone by force or subversion. Fact
Question: Why is the US economy in the toilet?
Answer: Because ever since Reagan, “we have a problem, let’s solve it” turned into “what’s in it for me”. The Ronald Reagan Years – The Real Reagan Record Fact
Question: What does the US get from the Global Economy?
Answer: We get to buy things made in other countries that we used to make right here. Corporations and executives make more money, we get lower pay, lower benefits and a diminished lifestyle. Fact
Question: How did this come about?
Answer: Because Wall Street demands higher and higher profits each quarter to maintain or increase stock prices which is impossible to sustain unless you:
1.Get more market share (only good for so long)
2.You cut the expensive US labor force (only good for so long)
3. You move overseas to lower wages (good for enough time for the execs to get really really rich, not so good for the rest of US).
Question: Why do we need to spend $1.030–$1.415,000,000,000 trillion in 2012 on Defense and defense related expenses?
Answer: We don’t. Our best defense is a strong economy at home without relying on the defense industry. Lets make the things we need and use (like paperclips, pencils, washing machines etc) and sell whatever we have in surplus to other countries.
Question: Why do we need to build an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico?
Answer: We don’t, the Kock brothers have enough money. Why not just build a new refinery in Canada and ship the gas all around the US. What we could use however, is a pipeline that transports water from annul flood areas to drought areas within the US. That would serve US much better and not endanger our crops, in fact it would increase them.

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