99% America fixing America

There’s a saying: People end up with the government they deserve. If you do nothing, “they” (your government) will take it all from you. Your job is simple, read this and forward it to everyone you know and INSIST your representatives, local and national make it happen.

Last weeks tornados caused over One Billion Dollars ($1,000,000,000) in damage to homes, stores, schools, barns, crops.

I want my government to take at least that amount out of our “foreign aid” and set up a fund to rebuild every single structure that was damaged or destroyed.

I want them to use American construction workers and American made products to do this. I want them to do it NOW, not in the future. I want the houses to be of the best design and quality and be built at NO COST to the homeowners.

If there is a mortgage on the property, I want it delayed until the house is rebuilt without penalty.

Insurance money that should be paid to the owner be put in a fund to re-imburse the Government to whatever degree the insurance covers. I want the Government attorneys given the task of recovering money from the insurance companies so that the home owners can get on with their lives ASAP.

I want America to start taking care of Americans. I don’t care where they take the Foreign Aid money from or which countries are effected. Personally I believe that if a country needs our help, we should offer to send them American made products instead of money. If they need tractors, send them tractors made by Americans. No more bags of money to be stolen by the politicians or military heads that receive it. Get of wish list from them, go over it to see if it makes sense and only if it does,and we have the resources, send the products (on American ships or planes) to them. No one steals a hundred tractors, or maybe they will, you never know.

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