Morals are Good

Once upon a time there was a wooden stickman.

Because he annoyed the Queen, she had him placed in a jar that he could see out of but couldn’t escape. He would have to watch the world from inside a blue glass prison. The stickman’s wife stayed true to him and tried to help him escape. She hired two large butterfly’s to lift him to freedom, alas, they could only lift him part pf the way so his wife went to work and collected all of her pay in coins and threw them into the jar raising her husband closer to freedom. Just a little more money and the butterflies would lift him out into the world. But each time the jar filled to a certain point, the Queen had it emptied, placing Mr Stickman back to the bottom.

There is a very simple and profound moral to this tale, I trust you already know it and will pass it on to your loved ones.

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