I was sitting with a friend chatting about the pros and cons of modern day life. He sat back in his chair, took in a deep breath and stated clearly with conviction in his tone “Consider this”.
I leaned forward,  preparing for the rest of his thought. My mind was racing over possible answers based on our previous conversations. He relaxed as if in a transfixed state of deep thought and leaned back in his chair. His eyes lifted toward the ceiling, staring at a fixed position as if it were relaying some bit of information that was pertinent to the rest of his thought.
In the meantime, I was anxicly awaiting the final chapter of his original statement “Consider this”.
There we were, he comfortably situated in his chair with a fixed stare, me leaning forward, un-relaxed with anticipation driving my scenes. I started observing the details of my surroundings, the wrinkle in his pants just above his shoes, the small piece of lint on the floor next to his chair, the fact that he hadn’t moved in over a minute. My mind started asking questions: why am I here, why do I exist, why am I asking these questions, is he still alive, where do you go when you die, is he already there?
Perhaps the rest of his question or statement or whatever it was that he started to convey so long ago was that I should find out the answer on my own.
Should I lean back as he had done, get more comfortable or would that interrupt the thought pattern I was now in? If I do lean back will I also become complacent and forget the meaning of this encounter? Will I also die?
No, I will not die, nor shall I confirm his exit, I’ll just wait.

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