Man’s Best Friend

Do you know who loves you no matter what, your pet. all It really asks is that you play with them, pet that sweet spot and feed them on time. which brings us to our story:

Ned rescued a puppy from the pound, named her princess and raised her with lots of playful love. They were the best of friends. 10 years later Ned climbed up a tree to pick that “last apple” of the season.
Princess was watching as Ned fell from the tree breaking is back when he landed. As Ned lay on the ground immobile and in pain, he told Princess to go for help. Obediently Princess got up started to leave but returned and laid by Ned’s side. This happened a dozen times until Ned realized that Princess was never going to leave him, when Ned resigned to his situation the pain went away and he died peacefully with Princess lying by his side.
After Ned was gone Princess got up and walked towards the house howling and barking and howling and barking remembering all those times that Ned pretended to throw the ball but didn’t.
All you need is LOVE, and a crafty Gypsy just in case. lloooooooyd

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