A Reason To Kill

To all good Christians , Today is the beginning of the “Festival to Kill Day”.
If you read your bible, this is the day that Jesus spoke to the masses preaching the killing of all men and women that you don’t like or even think you don’t like you.
You can use me (Jesus) as an excuse if you need to He said, or perhaps “love of country” or whatever you want, but kill,kill,kill the ill.
When the Romans heard of this they convened a committee to investigate if any laws had been broken. At the time, the Romans were in a fierce competition with the Vikings on a world-wide killing contest.
After Jesus entered the contest the Romans charged Him with Copy-write infringement and had him crucified.
That gives all of you war mongrels the cover you need to send your sons, daughters, friends, brothers etc. into battle to kill or be killed.

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