Someday when you’re starvin, you might want to try eatin some of those awful words you said to me. Sounds the lyrics to a country song.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and everyone I know is either stressing about the dinner, wanting to get out of work early (those that are working) or trying to figure out how they will get to the store on Friday to get the “deal that can’t be missed”.
Slow down for a minute and repeat after me:
Now a little slower… T h a n k s g i v i n g.
Now even slower (humor me )… T  h  a  u  k  s  g  i  v  i  n  g,
Now think about what that word means. Put yourself in the place of the pilgrims and the Natives in the snow, without gas ovens or pre-made piecrust’s and try to relate.
Now find the misspelled word and get back to your own world.
HAPPY THANSGIVING may you receive ten times what you wish for me.