Remember when you were smarter???


Our government is a very bad joke, how do we allow it to continue to make the rules that we have to live by??? If you applied for a job and wrote on the application what our congress gets/does for a living, your application would be put on display for a good laugh.
I want to come to work when and if I am in the mood.
I want an unlimited expense account and be allowed to fly all over the world doing research and take an entourage  with me.
I want the best health care for myself and family
I want to retire after one term with full pay and benefits
I don’t want to be responsible for producing anything, and I want to be on a committee that looks into things as I collect extra money for sitting there
I want a staff of at least 26 people to help me
I want lots of time off to “think” and raise money outside the work place.
I don’t want my boss to disturb me unless I want something from him/her
I want police protection from my boss getting to close to me
I want to dress well, get good haircuts (on the boss’s dime) and speak to the press a lot
I don’t want any liability at all for whatever I say or do
When I retire (with full pay) I want to become a lobbyist and collect even more money
Most of all I want to be able to give myself a raise when I need one
You and I pay people to do the above and more???????